Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rahuls panic, Dravid temple proposed

In light of the recent ‘reform’ call by Rahul Bose and the ‘anti-marriage’ declaration of Rahul Gandhi, the Rahuls all over India are facing a torrid time maintaining their sanity. Such has been the backlash against the people with name ‘Rahul’ that it forced all the Rahuls to get together and launch ‘Rahul bachao andolan (RBA).
Speaking to our correspondent, Rahul Bajaj, a leading industrialist & VP of RBA complained, “owing to recent remarks of two of our namesakes, Rahuls all over India are having a troubled life. Hence for safeguarding our rights, we have decided to come together and take a stand”
Our citizen journalist Mr. SK Shinde (who also doubles up as home minister on Sundays) caught up with a few of these disgruntled people outside the RBA headquarters. He reported, “On the condition of anonymity, a certain Mr. Rahul Chopra, resident of alambagh, lucknow told us how his girlfriend dumped him, citing the reluctance of Rahuls to get into wedlock”.
Meanwhile, in other news, khap panchayats have passed an order that every person planning to rape someone must be accompanied by a Rahul, so he can be reformed by the latter, after committing rape.
Tired of all this bad publicity, RBA has come up with a master plan to set things straight. Talking to our correspondent, Rahul Roy, former Bollywood actor & president of RBA told us, “Keeping in mind the outrage and sarcastic attacks on the name Rahul during past few days, we have come up with a two pronged counter strategy. We have ordered all Rahuls to move over to Google+ for the time being, in search of isolation and we have proposed a Rahul Dravid temple to highlight the good about our name”.
Last heard, Tamil Nadu youth congress has sent financial help to ensure that the ‘Rahul Temple’ gets completed in time.

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