Thursday, 25 April 2013

Chapter 1( A sneak preview of my novel)

Aman setu,
Srinagar-muzaffarabad highway,
May 1st, 2047

Abbas walked over the bridge along with other passengers. Abbas, whose real name was Mahmud-ul-abbasi, was a young recruit of ISI. All of 23, he had been training in the al-Qaeda camps since 3 years. He possessed a shrewd mind and had impressed the visiting pak army chief. So when the army chief carried out yet another coup in the history of Pakistan, he called up Abbas for a special mission.
Abbas was an inch shorter than six feet, had a long flowing beard and a muscular frame. But for this mission he had transformed into a suave gentleman, clean shaven and well dressed. Abbas also had a good command on English, which helped him fool Indian authorities in getting a visa.
As his luggage was thoroughly checked, Abbas took a glimpse of the great view of his country from the enemy side. He looked at the Indian soldiers and thought about their sorry fate. How they will soon be buried at the bottom of this very bridge. He smiled and muttered his gratitude as the jawan examining his luggage gave him approval to move ahead and get back in the bus.
Ever since Indian government decided to begin the dialogue with the old snakes for the umpteenth time and opened the borders for CBMs, Pakistan had been smiling. Abbas was the final installment; the others had already sneaked in over the past few months and were in their position, waiting for the final command.
The bus carrying the Pakistani passengers began moving again, as Abbas admired the ethereal beauty of Kashmir. “Someday it will all be a part of Pakistan”, he muttered inaudibly to himself.
Upon reaching Srinagar and after going through the security protocol once again, Abbas left for the house of one Yaqoob Qureshi. Yaqoob was a member of Hurriyat assigned with the duty of looking after ISI agents arriving in Srinagar.
“Anybody home?” Abbas knocked on his door.
A tall man in his late forties opened the door and inquired, “Who are you?”
Abbas introduced himself and was quickly ushered in by Yaqoob.
“Is everything ready?” Abbas asked Yaqoob.
“Yes! When do we start then?” Yaqoob replied gleefully.
“7 days from now and we begin the war to free Kashmir”, Abbas gave a smile that would have put even Satan to shame.
Yahoo smiled back as he showed Abbas to his room.
The wheels had been set into motion for what would be remembered in history as ‘The death of a nation’.

"I have been reading and researching for this novel for 5 years now, it will still take time but I would really appreciate if my readers can give me feedback on how it is looking as of now, do you find it generating interest? or do you find it bland? do leave comments to let me know of your views about my writing"


  1. Wonderfull creats suspense 4m da vry start....
    though sorry to say dat da beginning reminds me of da movie Fana.....but m sure da later part must vry absorbing and different....sorry again 4 ma view...:(
    and better luck .....waiting to read da novel soon....

  2. ( Stumbled on this while browsing the net for something else.)

    Very nicely written. It creates an interest from the very beginning and the language has an easy flow, a very positive point to engage the reader. Another positive feature is the flow of the narrative. It made me think about what was more to come, when it ended.

    I would like to read more and follow this novel.
    Keep writing.